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The Graham Law Firm is a Criminal Defense Attorney in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Handling both major felony cases and misdemeanors.  Also, Criminal Defense Lawyer and Attorney for representation for all traffic tickets, warrants, dui, dwi, drunk driving, speeding, reckless driving, hit and run, aggravated speeding, aggravated dui, dui under 21 years, and other traffic cases. Call us for a consultation at 918-583-4621.


Testimonials & Articles


"This guy rocks!"


"We were very pleased with the service we received . . . we were treated with great respect." 


"We felt he took the time to listen to us and that he did a good job explaining everything."


". . .  he was there when I needed him and I will be forever grateful to him."


"He is not just a businessman. He is a warrior. He fought for me. I was innocent and he did not plead me out, but instead fought the case and we won. He believed in me and I believe in him. I trust him to fight for me."


"He is a good lawyer and I would trust him with my legal problems."


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