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Criminal Defense Attorney

Glen R. Graham is a criminal defense attorney with over 25 years of experience who travels to all surrounding county courts and to all municipal city courts of Tulsa, Broken Arrow, Bixby, Glenpool, Owasso, Sand Springs, and others. You can call him at 918-583-4621. At his law firm, he handles DUI, DWI, drunk driving, possession of marijuana controlled drug charges, assault and battery, traffic tickets, and other charges both felony and misdemeanor. He is a member of the DUI Attorney Group in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and the Tulsa Criminal Defense Lawyers Association, and the Oklahoma Criminal Defense Lawyers Association. He maintains two blogs, which are: Tulsa Criminal Defense Attorney Blog and Oklahoma Criminal Defense Attorney Blog.

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It is important to know that on any DUI or drunk driving or APC case in Tulsa, Oklahoma, that you only have 15 days from the date of your arrest to request a hearing on your driver's license and you may want to request a work permit or modified driver's license so you should see an attorney as soon as possible. Sometimes he associates with other attorneys.

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Confident Counsel from Experienced Attorneys

When you’ve been arrested or think you may be under investigation, it is crucial that you contact a criminal defense attorney in Tulsa, OK. Trust in one of the experienced law professionals at the firm of Glen R. Graham, Attorney At Law to safeguard your legal rights. Glen Graham and his associates are devoted to defending you and will thoroughly review your case, as well as explain the legal options that fit your situation. Glen Graham has studied every aspect of the criminal justice system and will use this knowledge and expertise to build a strong case on your behalf. Ensure that your rights are protected with legal representation from a dedicated attorney. 

You should seek criminal law counsel in situations with offenses that break the laws of the local, state, or federal government. Glen R. Graham is an attorney with experience in handling cases of DUI, DWI, drunk driving, possession of marijuana, controlled drug charges, assault, and battery defense, in addition to traffic tickets and other charges of both felony and misdemeanor violations. 

Dependable Representation for DUI/ DWI Offenses

Drunk driving is a severe offense particularly when an accident occurs, and someone is injured or killed. If you are arrested for driving while under the influence of alcohol it is in your best interest to hire a DUI/DWI attorney with experience in these matters. Don’t take your DUI lightly, seek the advice and guidance from the legal team at Glen R. Graham, Attorney At Law. Glen Graham and his associates will provide legal representation, advice on all factors involved in drunk driving offenses, and inform you of your available alternatives. 

Results-Driven Attorney for Battery and Assault Defense

If you find yourself faced with charges related to battery and assault, count on an attorney familiar with the local court system and judiciary to see you through your case. Battery and assault crimes are defined differently, and it is essential to understand your charges to make sense of your defense case. 

Assault is an intentional attempt or intentional threat of force or violence against another person, while battery is the deliberate and unlawful use of force or violence against another person. These are two separate crimes that often happen together and are often charged together. A knowledgeable defense attorney like Glen R. Graham can provide informative counsel on these allegations and help you understand the charges laid against you. 

The Criminal Defense Attorney in Tulsa, OK, You Can Trust

When you are charged with a criminal offense, it can feel as If your world has turned upside-down. Despite the charges against you, it is important to remember that you have rights--and options. Turn to Glen R. Graham, Attorney At Law for stalwart legal counsel. Glen is a criminal defense attorney in Tulsa, OK, who will fight for you. With his skill, experience, and emphasis on client-oriented service, you have a fair chance to steer your case towards the best possible outcome. 

Everyone is entitled to equal justice under the law. No matter what situation you are in, you can have confidence knowing that Glen is at your side. Glen and his legal team provide legal services that allow you to approach your case with clarity and insight. He and his team will work with you to learn about your situation, explore your options, and pursue a sound strategy. 

Reliable Legal Counsel

Being charged with a criminal offense, whether for DUI/DWI or assault, is never a comfortable prospect for any of the involved parties. It can be a stressful, emotionally charged experience. Through these challenges, it is important to work with an attorney who understands your situation and can help you through these trying times.

Whether at the negotiating table or in the courtroom, you can count on Glen R. Graham for reliable legal counsel. His firm is knowledgeable in criminal law and court procedures, ensuring your rights are recognized and honored throughout the entire process. As a criminal defense attorney, Glen is committed to providing a stalwart defense. With Glen at your side, you can present a strong case that is grounded in realistic and sensible expectations. 

Contact the law firm of Glen R. Graham and request a consultation for legal counsel. Glen R. Graham serves clients in Tulsa, OK.